Top Five Favourite Plants that are Hard to Murder

We’ve always get friends asking, what are some plants that are easy to care for and don’t die so easily. While we don’t encourage neglecting your plants, there are indeed some plants that almost, thrive on neglect, and minimal care, so here’s a list!

ZZ Plant (Zamioculas zamiifolia)

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
Zamioculcas zamiifolia (more commonly known as the ZZ plant) is one of the most hardy plants around and perfect for any plant serial killer or new plant parent. Its nickname, “ZZ plant” derives from the first letters of its name. They are often mistaken for an artificial plant because of their rich green and waxy leaves. Locally, they even have an auspicious name called the 发财树。

ZZ plants can tolerate a range of growing conditions and can survive even after weeks of neglect. These plants can even thrive with bright, fluorescent light which is one of the main reasons why they are a popular choice for indoor spaces with no windows.

You really have to try if you want to kill your ZZ plant! In other words, it’s very durable. But even though a ZZ plant can endure a lot of neglect, it’s best to give it some water at least twice a month.

And with the right conditions, this plant is a multiplier, and before long, you’d end up with a plant few times the size!

Difficulty level: 1

Snake Plant (Sanserveria)

Snake Plant (Sanseviera)
What is the fuss around Snake Plants or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue that you see them almost everywhere?

The answer is simple; they are one of the hardest plants to kill and easiest plants to grow and care for!

For a start, Snake Plants are excellent air purifiers; one of the best! The air cleaning qualities of this plant are shown in the NASA Clean Air Study, demonstrating Sansevierias help remove toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene from  the air. It also provides higher levels of humidity and fresh oxygen to any room than most other plants.

As for care, Snake Plants require very little watering! They are very resilient plants, however, take care not to over water as it is the number one cause of death for this plant!

They also favour medium light doing well in darker areas of your home and office, and so you don’t have to worry if you are giving them sufficient light. Just don’t put them in the storeroom!

Difficulty level: 1

Air Plant (Tillandsias)

Air Plant (Tillandsias)
Air Plants or Tillandisas, have the unique ability to draw all the water and nutrients they need from the air through the tiny scales on their leaves which makes them highly adaptable to any conditions. Best of all, you can grow them without soil. So no mess for those who are afraid of crawlies and want their house spotless!

Air Plants generally require good air circulation, and some misting from time to time. This should be sufficient to keep them alive.

But of course, if you want the best for them, we recommend submerging your air plant in water for an hour every couple of weeks, then removing them, shaking them off excess water and leaving them to dry in a well circulated area. Continue to mist them every few days in between soakings.

An air plant’s leaves feel stiffer when they are full of water, but softer and lighter in colour when they are thirsty. If the leaves curl or wrinkle then your air plant is probably dehydrated. Oh, and never leave your Air Plant standing in water, save for the occasional soaking. Unless, you die-die wanna murder them!

Difficulty level: 1

Mickey-mouse Cactus (Opuntia Microdasys)

Mickey-mouse Cactus (Opuntia Microdasys)
Simply because this is a cactus, watering is one thing you don’t have to worry about much for the Mickey-mouse Cactus, aka Opuntia Microdasys. 

There are only two reasons why you couldn’t keep a this plant alive. Either you gave it too much water, or you totally didn’t give it any till it’s too late. We know, cos we were once there.

Other than that, the Mickey Mouse cactus doesn’t really need any maintenance and grooming. Still, if you want it to grow big and well, it’s best to place it in a position with good light and water it thoroughly when the soil is completely dried out, which easily can take between two weeks to a month.

Difficulty level: 1

Umbrella Tree (Schefflera)

Umbrella Tree (Schefflera)
Umbrella Tree are easy to care for, fast-growing, can handle a little neglect, and purify the air!

They are a great choice for beginner plant parents or to keep in places like offices and homes and are as low maintenance as plants can get.

The Umbrella Tree can survive in low light locations, though in such conditions, the plant will likely grow slower and leggy. The best location for your umbrella plant is somewhere where it gets plenty of bright indirect light. So, if you can provide light, definitely do so.

No worries if you happen to forget to water your plant on occasion. These plants can handle being under-watered for a little while. These indoor plants like to dry out between watering sessions and quickly decline if the roots are left sitting in water. Let the water saturate the soil completely when watering. 

On the other hand, they aren’t as okay with being overwatered so be careful. Watering too often can result in root rot, leading to murder, once again.

Difficulty level: 2