Five Types of Plants that Bring Christmas Into Homes

Christmas is round the corner and it’s time for some plant shopping to usher in the Christmas cheer, whether it’s for the home or for a loved-one, there are a range of plants to suit every decoration and gifting need.

While you can’t go wrong with the usual pines and poinsettia, it is no less festive to introduce different plant forms, colours and textures to your home. Plants such as Begonias and Olive Trees are not just great for Christmas but keep on giving long after the festivities.

Here are some plant ideas we hope will bring some Christmas cheer into your hearts and homes!

Picea Glauca Conica Photo Credit: s_hgohbakes

Christmas Pine and Cypress Trees
When we think Christmas, the first thought that often comes to mind is a huge, ornate Christmas Tree topped with an angel or a star. For many of us, they spark a dream to own one. So guess what? This dream is now a reality! In recent years, we have seen interesting interpretations of Christmas Trees, that come in round topiary or conical forms that are miniature replicas of the real deal. If you don’t have the space for a life-size tree, they are now available in compact sizes that can fit any nook or corner, adding a festive touch without being overpowering. We think they look very cute styled with small baubles and streamers and can be decorated differently at other occasions.

Variegated Poinsettia Red

It’s amazing that this popular Christmas plant comes in as many as 23 varieties! While a classic red poinsettia is visually stunning, these days you can find poinsettias in different colours and variegation. Their attractive bracts are often mistaken for flowers, but the poinsettia actually consists of dark green leaves followed by vividly coloured bracts with small flowers growing at the centre. Poinsettias are highly sought after winter decorative essentials in homes during the Christmas season.

Begonia Maculata

Angel Wing Begonias
The beautifully arched leaves of Angel Wing Begonias, such as the Snow Capped, Maculata and Don Miller convey serenity and joy as they resemble the tapered wings of angels. The prominent leaf patterns are so varied that they could very well be inspiration for gift wrappers. With delicate white or pink flowers that bloom all year round, these plants can grow very lush and are easy to propagate.

Olive Tree

Olive Trees
Olive trees are popular houseplants with foliage that grow upwards rather than outwards. They add a rustic touch to a window or sideboard without taking up too much space. Since an olive tree has a long lifespan, if well taken care of, it can become a familiar feature of joy and celebration in your home year after year. It can also be grown outdoors when mature. Synonymous with the spirit of giving and abundance, an olive tree makes a heartfelt gift that is sure to move its recipient.

Euphorbia Lactea White Ghost

Euphorbia Lactea White Ghost
If you need a plant that hints at a White Christmas but don’t want to get a pine, the White Ghost Cactus would be it. It’s such an effortless plant to grow and looks almost all white with greyish green speckles running along its stem. Leaves are tiny and quickly fall off leaving the plant’s distinct undulating stem bare for most of the year. Branches curve upwards off the main stem like a candelabra. Give it full to partial morning sun as afternoon light can burn it. Water when soil is completely dry as you would with other succulents. You can take cuttings easily from the plant to propagate. The perfect present that gives and gives!